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The Enterprise Digital SUMMIT / Paris is the leading European conference on the digital transformation of work and enterprise. It's a two-day unique learning experiences with visionary keynotes and lessons learned from practical case studies. [More Information]

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Essential Reading Series: Leadership is key for age of digital change – especially when change progresses at exponential rate!

With the IOM SUMMIT / Köln three weeks ago and the Enterprise Digital SUMMIT / London coming up in two days many topics are keeping us busy lately. Therefore I am quite overdue with my latest "Essential Reading Series" that I have started back some weeks ago. This format is about sharing some of the ressources that I was pointed to and that I found interesting in the context of the digital transformation of the enterprise.This week's ressources are related to the key role of leadership for the digital transformation and about the exponential progression of technology that implies a further rethinking of the pace of the running projects for the transformation towards a digital workplace and the future of work.

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#EntDigi – Lee Bryant (Postshift) on the need for transformational services

Time is passing always so fast - sometimes you just miss to push out all the good content you got. This is also the case with the interview I have made with Lee Bryant from Postshift already back in June. Lee is one of the leading experts on the social business ideas in Europe. With his former company Headshift (which was integrated into the Dachis Group) he was an early expert team that put a lot of efforts into the transformation of the early birds in this field. At some point he became disappointed about the progress of the transformational change. With his new venture Postshift he is up to providing a toolset to analyze, quantifiy and steer the change - in the video he's explaining the why and how.

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Marc de Fouchecour: Digital culture – learning to ride a bicycle does not happen by doing quizzes or watching videos!

Guest post by Marc de Fouchecour (Nextmodernity)The digital transformation of a business takes place through its employees and managers who are called to become engines of this transformation.

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Coming up: #EntDigi Meetup / Paris with discussion of social collaboration practices at Sodexo

We are starting another round of our meetup series in Paris - now under the brand of the #EntDigi Meetup (ex #e20s Meetup). The start of this year's round is done by the discussion of the project experiences within Sodexo. Monique Oger and Gabriele Maltinti will present their lessons learned from the establishment of the Cloud9 project!

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