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Enterprise Digital SUMMIT 2018: Exploring the Digital Transformation of the Organisation for 10 Years!

The Enterprise Digital SUMMIT is turning into its 10th year of discussion the challenges, recommendations and lessons-learned for transforming the way of working and organizing the enterprise for the digital age. We are therefore very excited to announce the next steps for the conference - with two differently flavoured events in June and November in London!
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Essential Readings: Social Collaboration Technology goes Digital Workplace Hub / Platform

This week we had a discussion about the changes in the digital workplace technology market which brought me to the idea to bring together some recent articles on how the "Enterprise 2.0 / Social Collaboration" Technology stack has changed in recent years. The following, commented articles are providing my key reference readings to this new technological foundation.
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Customer & Market Orientation as Missing Pieces in the List of the Digital Workplace Project Objectives

Last week I wrote an English version of my three key objectives that drive and characterize the Digital Workplace strategy. One comment I have received on the article was that all of the mentioned objectives were internally focussed - and none of them linked to the customer-facing side (besides maybe the digital transformation part). Certainly I have to agree on this as this remembered me about an interview that we have recorded with Jane McConnell some time ago in the aftermath of her talk at the former E2.0 SUMMIT 2014 in Paris (see the complete article with the included interview on this: Digital Workplace is driven by the idea to support the customer-facing process!).Putting the "customer-facing process" into the equation for the objectives of the Digital Workplace also relates to a recently shared image by Jennifer Honig from Techstra Solutions. She posted two weeks ago the following statement with the following chart:
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Three objectives that are defining the Digital Workplace strategy

As the idea and the role of the "Digital Workplace" for the future of the organisation is the key question of our conference we are trying to differenciate in this post different types of understanding and perspectives in regards to the Digital Workplace strategies - and by that picture also different challenges and strategic dimensions for the Digital Workplace.
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Tweets vom #e20s 2015

Tweets vom #e20s London 2014

Tweets vom #e20s Paris 2014

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