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Digital Workplace as Engagement Hub for the Employee Experience Strategy in 2019

We are approaching the holiday season and everything seems to slow down. Everybody is looking backwards as well as forward to next year’s predictions and trends. This year has brought many changes to the Digital Workplace discussions – with Microsoft’s Office 365 and the establishment of productivity tools dominating the discussions, with Intranet-as-a-Service offerings popping […]
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Short Note about the End of Social & Bringing Back the Work Support into Future of Work!

Derived from a discussion initiated by Isabel de Clercq on Linkedin we are discussing the several arguments for the establishment of social technology and digital workplace approaches in the enterprise.
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Lou Taylor: For knowledge sharing to be successful you need engaged people, processes and tools! #entdigi #eds18

As a preparation for the upcoming Enterprise Digital Workplace SUMMIT in London we are happy to publish another interview with one of our speakers. This week's answers to our questions are coming from Lou Taylor, director of knowledge management at the information and business intelligence company Bureau van Dijk.
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Mike Blair: When implementing a new way of working, a change in behaviour and in culture is required! #eds18 #entdigi

Next in line for our interview series with our speakers at Enterprise Digital Workplace SUMMIT is Mike Blair. Mike is the SharePoint expert at Charles Taylor, a service provider for the global insurance markets. He has recently started an Intranet relaunch and will share his lessons-learned on his journey from an old-style comms tool to a modern working environment.
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