Enterprise Digital SUMMIT
Reasons to attend

The Enterprise Digital SUMMIT is a unique learning experience on social collaboration, the future of work and the digital businss transformation - organized by Kongress Media. It is an European conference initiative with conferences in Paris, London and Cologne.

Conference Topics

  • Indicators for Enabling the Digital Organization
  • Recommendations from Digital Workplace Initiatives
  • Expert Advices on the Organizational, Technological and Transformational Shift
  • Technological Future for the Digital Workplace Stack

Unique Learning Experience

  • Lessons-learned from UK & European case studies
  • Forward thinking keynotes on future trends and evolutions
  • Workshops & interactive sessions on project management issues for digital initiatives

Related Subject Matters

  • Digital Workplace & Social Intranet
  • Digital & Social Collaboration
  • Internal & Employee Communication
  • HR & Organisational Development
  • Digital Business Transformation
  • IT / IT-Services

Added Value of Conference

  • Case study presentations offering practical advice and learnings on the digital transformation
  • Community of practice & networking with attendees
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