Enterprise Digital SUMMIT Paris 2017

Exploring the Digital Disruption of the Workplace

Upcoming: Enterprise Digital SUMMIT Paris at UIC-P

The scope of the conference is in "providing a unique learning experience" for establishing the digital workplace and the transformation in the enterprise. The conference consists of at the edge in industry keynotes and discussions of many practical experiences on different levels of maturity for the journey to the enablement of the 21c organisation.

Next year's conference is about the "next wave of disruption" for the 21c organisation that emerges from the AI, Conversational approaches and the automation. While we discuss the impact of new technological evolutions on the organisation, the Enterprise Digital SUMMIT wraps up also the recent platform thinking in regards to the organisational model and structure.

Key Topics

  • Challenges of the next wave of digital disruption in business and organisation
  • Recommendations on how to exploit new forms of disruptive growth
  • Lessons learned from establishing a digital workplace and digital collaboration as enabler for the digital transformation
  • Recommendations on how to enable a digital culture and to build up digital capabilities

Monday / 19.06.

Three different parallel workshop sessions on key factors for the digital transformation and re-inventing of the digital workplace and organization
The workshops are held in two rounds - so that every attendee can participate in at least two workshops

Tuesday / 20.06.

This new era offers great opportunities for effective and rapid leadership impact – and well-known companies and leaders are showing the power and characteristics of leadership in a new period of digital collaboration.
  • Leadership in the new era of enterprise collaboration – move from dictator to influencer
  • Pick up the essential tools to help you lead in the new digital workplace
  • Gain the tools and skills to convince leaders reluctant to engage in digital leadership
  • Harnessing the power when it clicks into place
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