Enterprise Digital SUMMIT 2017 / Digital Workplace & Transformation

Challenges From the Next Wave of Digital Disruption

Agenda / Digital Workplace & Transformation / Monday, 19 June


Registration & Welcome Coffee


Welcome Note & Introduction


Keynote Panel: Organizational Design for the Next Wave of Digital Disruption

Keynote Talk: Finding Digital Business Value in the Creation of Disruptive Growth

  • Bruno Berthon Managing Director Europe Africa Latin America Lead Accenture Strategy
    Bruno Berthon , Accenture Strategy

Keynote Talk: Blockchain & the Decentralization of the Business

Keynote Talk: Process Automation & the Effects for the Knowledge Work


Coffee Break


Practice Panel: Lessons Learned from Transforming & Disrupting the Enterprise

Practice Talk: Designing the Digital Transformation in a B2B Enterprise

Practice Talk: Establishing Chatbots for the Automation of Internal Routine Processes

Practice Talk: Bringing Digital Agility into the Customer Service Management

Discussion: Organisational Challenges for the Disruption of the Org Models


Lunch Break


Keynote Panel: Designing the 21C Organisation

Keynote Talk: Building Blocks for the Organisation as a Platform

Keynote Talk: Bringing a Digital Mindset to the Leadership Model


Coffee Break


Practice Panel: Lessons Learned from Enabling the Digital Workplace Transformation

Practice Talk: Establishing a Global Digital Workplace as New Collaboration Space

Practice Talk: Transforming the Digital Work at Scale

Discussion: Digital Disruption at the Digital Workplace


Open Space Workshop: Managing the Digital Disruption & Transformation for the Workplace

  • Three different parallel workshop sessions on key factors for the digital transformation and re-inventing of the digital workplace and organization

  • The workshops are held in two rounds - so that every attendee can participate in at least two workshops

Enterprise Digital SUMMIT Apèro & Networking

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