Conference Sessions

As from the understanding of the concept the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT is aimed to give a broad overview about the concepts, underlying ideas and first best practices of this new approach. The Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT consists of two sessions addressing the topic from two different angles.

Enterprise 2.0 - Building the next Generation of Informational Architectures

The morning session is focussed on the conceptual foundation of the informational aspect of this topic. What are the main drivers and key success factors of best practices? What are the prerequisites to enhance the creation, access and use of the informational resources of the enterprise in regards to its exploitable potential to change and innovate the corporate positioning in its market? What are the key learnings of “first movers” within this topic field?

Enterprise 2.0 - Emerging Processes for Mass Collaboration

The afternoon session is addressing the process dimension of the Enterprise 2.0 topic. Enterprise 2.0 is about initiating user feedback processes and involving users (co-workers, partners or customers) into change and innovation processes. The main idea in this regard is the orientation towards mass collaboration and becoming more adaptive. What are the fields of application for this approach and what are the challenges of it? What are the key success factors and sources for self-increasing and adaptive mechanisms? What are the key learnings of “first movers” within this topic field?

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