E20 SUMMIT / Frankfurt 2010: Setting the Path to an Open and Agile Enterprise

Setting the path to an open and agile enterprise

The Enterprise 2.0 wave has strongly spilled over the corporations' bounderies and created a good deal of discussions about the way businesses have been managed so far and will evolv in the future. Many case studies show the advantages of new forms of information sharing, transparent collaborative working and jointly fostering business innovations. But just as many case studies also demonstrate the challenges that enterprises have to face on their way to incorporating these new techniques and approaches.

The two key questions for taking up E2.0 initiatives are therefore the following: first - how to manage the adoption of the new forms of collaboration and working in terms of getting everybody on board for the ride. And second - how to drive and augment the value generation of these new ways of working. In other words it's time to discuss how to set the path to an Enterprise 2.0 driven organisation. This will be therefore also the key theme of the upcoming Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT on Oct 26-28 in Frankfurt a.M.

Like last year's event the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT 2010 is again offering two parallel tracks - one on the specific challenges and how to solve them, and another on specific practices. Additional keynotes on the first and second day of the conference will wrap up the discussions from a holistic point of view.

Track 1: Enterprise 2.0 Challenges

  • Managing the Change towards Enterprise 2.0
  • Overcoming Cultural Boundaries towards Enterprise 2.0
  • Driving & Rewarding the Adoption 2.0
  • Managing the Complexity of Enterprise 2.0
  • Leading & Steering an Enterprise 2.0
  • Driving Transformation & Business Innovation
  • Managing the Participation for Enterprise 2.0
  • Defining the Social Business Strategy

Track 2: Enterprise 2.0 Practices

  • Enhancing the Information Flow
  • Improving Internal Communications
  • Fostering Knowledge Sharing
  • Facilitating the Information Exchange
  • Regaining Business Flexibility
  • Strengthening Collaboration
  • Enforcing Business Innovation
  • Improving Talent & Skill Management

Pre-Conference Practice Workshops / October 26th

Conference Schedule / Day 1 / October 27th

Conference Schedule / Day 2 / October 28th

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