E20 SUMMIT / Frankfurt 2010: Setting the Path to an Open and Agile Enterprise


These are the first speakers who have already been selected at this point: 

Jenny Ambrozek, Participation Architect & Founder, SageNet LLC, USA
Jenny Ambrozek, SageNet LLC, USA
Oscar Berg, Senior Management Consultant, Acando, Sweden
Oscar Berg, Acando, Sweden
Lee Bryant, MD Europe, Dachis Group
Lee Bryant, Dachis Group
Mark Charlesworth, Senior Product Manager, Cable&Wireless Worldwide
Mark Charlesworth, Cable&Wireless Worldwide
Richard Collin, Professor and Executive Partner, NextModernity
Richard Collin, NextModernity
Cécile Demailly, Founder & Executive Consultant, Early Strategies
Cécile Demailly, Early Strategies
David Demetrius, Partner, Fyronic, Belgium
David Demetrius, Fyronic, Belgium
Samuel Driessen, Information Architect, Océ, Netherlands
Samuel Driessen, Océ, Netherlands
Simon Dückert, Geschäftsführer, Berater, Coach, Cogneon
Simon Dückert, Cogneon
Bertrand Duperrin, Management & Enterprise 2.0 Consultant, NextModernity
Bertrand Duperrin, NextModernity
Anu Elmer, Vice President Communications, Swiss Reinsurance Company, Switzerland
Anu Elmer, Swiss Reinsurance Company, Switzerland
Juliette Girard, Web 2.0 Program Manager, Renault, France
Juliette Girard, Renault, France
Tom Goschütz, Chief Technology Officer Corporate Center , Bertelsmann AG, Germany
Tom Goschütz, Bertelsmann AG, Germany
Dr. Richard Heigl, Geschäftsführer, Hallo Welt! - Medienwerkstatt GmbH, Germany
Dr. Richard Heigl, Hallo Welt! - Medienwerkstatt GmbH, Germany
Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer, Dachis Group, USA
Dion Hinchcliffe, Dachis Group, USA
Rob Howard, Founder & Chief Technology Officer, telligent
Rob Howard, telligent
Kornelia Kis, Marketing Specialist , The Boston Consulting Group, Austria
Kornelia Kis, The Boston Consulting Group, Austria
Dr. Manfred Langen, Principal Key Expert Social Computing, Siemens
Dr. Manfred Langen, Siemens
Dr. CheeChin Liew, Enterprise Community Manager, BASF SE
Dr. CheeChin Liew, BASF SE
Joachim Lindner, Senior Analyst, N:Sight Research, Germany
Joachim Lindner, N:Sight Research, Germany
Mark Masterson, Enterprise architect, troublemaker, CSC Computer Sciences Limited
Mark Masterson, CSC Computer Sciences Limited
Björn Negelmann, Head of Research & Conferences, N:Sight Research / Kongress Media, Germany
Björn Negelmann, N:Sight Research / Kongress Media, Germany
Prof. Dr. Joachim Niemeier, Executive Consultant and Honorary Professor, University of Stuttgart
Prof. Dr. Joachim Niemeier, University of Stuttgart
Stephan Oertelt, Innovation Manager, BMW Group, Germany
Stephan Oertelt, BMW Group, Germany
Jamil Ouaj, Communications Manager, Deutsche Bank
Jamil Ouaj, Deutsche Bank
Alessandra Pelagallo, Program Manager , Telecom Italia
Alessandra Pelagallo, Telecom Italia
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Petry, Professor for Organization & HRM, Wiesbaden Business School, Germany
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Petry, Wiesbaden Business School, Germany
Franck La Pinta, Employer Brand Marketing Manager, Société Générale, France
Franck La Pinta, Société Générale, France
Anthony Poncier, Director Consultant, USEO, France
Anthony Poncier, USEO, France
Emanuele Quintarelli, Partner and Enterprise 2.0 Strategist, Open Knowledge
Emanuele Quintarelli, Open Knowledge
Dr. Alexander Richter, Research Associate, Cooperation Systems Center Munich (CSCM), Germany
Dr. Alexander Richter, Cooperation Systems Center Munich (CSCM), Germany
Rolf Schmidt-Holtz, Chairman, Just Software
Rolf Schmidt-Holtz, Just Software
Dr. Frank Schönefeld, Chief Technology Officer, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH, Germany
Dr. Frank Schönefeld, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH, Germany
Dr. Alexander Stocker, Project Manager & Business Developer, Joanneum Research, Austria
Dr. Alexander Stocker, Joanneum Research, Austria
Luis Suarez, Social Computing Evangelist & Community Builder, IBM Spain
Luis Suarez, IBM Spain
Ellen Trude, Training Consultant , Bayer Business Services GmbH, Germany
Ellen Trude, Bayer Business Services GmbH, Germany
Christian Würdemann, Head of Communications, Human Resources & Legal, Hypoport AG
Christian Würdemann, Hypoport AG
Dietmar Zipfel, Project manager Enterprise 2.0, T-Systems International GmbH, Germany
Dietmar Zipfel, T-Systems International GmbH, Germany
Dieter Zirnig, Manager Worldwide Digital Strategy, HP, Austria
Dieter Zirnig, HP, Austria
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