E2.0 SUMMIT 2013
Enabling the Social Enterprise (R)Evolution

Speakers with distinguished expertise & practical insights

Speakers at Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT are elected according to their knowledge and experience regarding the session related topics.

Stéphane Aknin, Head of Group e-Communications, AXA
Stéphane Aknin, AXA
João Günther Amaral, Director for Business Development and Innovation, Sonae
João Günther Amaral, Sonae
Jenny Ambrozek, Participation Architect & Founder, SageNet LLC, USA
Jenny Ambrozek, SageNet LLC, USA
Thierry de Baillon, Associate Partner, Transitive Society
Thierry de Baillon, Transitive Society
Olivier Berard, Consultant Senior, Lecko
Olivier Berard, Lecko
Philippe Borremans, Chief Social Media Officer, Van Marcke Group
Philippe Borremans, Van Marcke Group
Lee Bryant, MD Europe, Dachis Group
Lee Bryant, Dachis Group
Sandy Carter, Vice President for Social Business and Collaboration Solutions, IBM
Sandy Carter, IBM
Richard Collin, Professor and Executive Partner, NextModernity
Richard Collin, NextModernity
Yves Darnige, ICS Marketing Leader Europe, IBM France
Yves Darnige, IBM France
Cécile Demailly, Founder & Executive Consultant, Early Strategies
Cécile Demailly, Early Strategies
Cecil Dijoux, Blogger, Consultant, Speaker, Author, #hypertextual
Cecil Dijoux, #hypertextual
Ludovic Dubost, President & Founder, xWiki
Ludovic Dubost, xWiki
Simon Dückert, CEO, Consultant, Coach, Cogneon
Simon Dückert, Cogneon
Martin Roulleaux Dugage, VP Management of Innovation, KM and Expertise (MIKE) – Corporate R&D, Areva group
Martin Roulleaux Dugage, Areva group
Bertrand Duperrin, Management & Enterprise 2.0 Consultant, NextModernity
Bertrand Duperrin, NextModernity
Marie-Christine Dupont, Co-Founder & Co-Gérant, Avea Partners
Marie-Christine Dupont, Avea Partners
Georg Ell, General Manager EMEA, Yammer
Georg Ell, Yammer
Michel Ezran, Consulting Director & Partner, LECKO
Michel Ezran, LECKO
Jean-Laurent Fambon, Senior Manager, Intuito Services
Jean-Laurent Fambon, Intuito Services
Stéfane Fermigier, Founder, Abilian
Stéfane Fermigier, Abilian
Jon Froda, Co-founder, Podio
Jon Froda, Podio
Jean-Patrice Glafkidès, Senior Consultant, Kimind Consulting
Jean-Patrice Glafkidès, Kimind Consulting
Myriam Gorlier, New media manager, Simply Market
Myriam Gorlier, Simply Market
Stephan Grabmeier, Head of Culture Initiatives, Deutsche Telekom
Stephan Grabmeier, Deutsche Telekom
Fabien Grenet, Service Designer & Entrepreneur, HENSEN conseil
Fabien Grenet, HENSEN conseil
Guillaume Guerin, Senior Consultant, LECKO
Guillaume Guerin, LECKO
Louis-Pierre Guillaume, Knowledge Management Officer, Schneider-Electric
Louis-Pierre Guillaume, Schneider-Electric
Eric Haddad, Head of Southern Europe, Google Enterprise
Eric Haddad, Google Enterprise
Karl Harriau, Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Yammer EMEA
Karl Harriau, Yammer EMEA
Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer, Dachis Group, USA
Dion Hinchcliffe, Dachis Group, USA
Jon Husband, President, Work Design Associates
Jon Husband, Work Design Associates
Jon Ingham, Executive Consultant, Social Advantage
Jon Ingham, Social Advantage
Olivier Jacob, Vice President of international business development, Zyncro
Olivier Jacob, Zyncro
Béatrice Javary, Communication Director, Simply Market
Béatrice Javary, Simply Market
Elodie Kolasniewski, Knowledge Management Coordinator, Amadeus IT Group
Elodie Kolasniewski, Amadeus IT Group
Cordelia Krooß, Senior Enterprise Community Manager, BASF SE
Cordelia Krooß, BASF SE
Na-Young Kwon, SharePoint Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft France
Na-Young Kwon, Microsoft France
Marc Lippa, Directeur Associé, Arctus
Marc Lippa, Arctus
Jane McConnell, Strategy and governance advisor for digital workplaces, NetStrategy/JMC
Jane McConnell, NetStrategy/JMC
Tobias Mitter, Partner , netmedia
Tobias Mitter, netmedia
Björn Negelmann, Head of Research & Conferences, N:Sight Research / Kongress Media, Germany
Björn Negelmann, N:Sight Research / Kongress Media, Germany
Alexandre Pachulski, Co-founder & VP Products, Talentsoft
Alexandre Pachulski, Talentsoft
Daniel Pankatz, Digital Media Manager, Deutsche Post DHL
Daniel Pankatz, Deutsche Post DHL
Alessandra Pelagallo, Program Manager , Telecom Italia
Alessandra Pelagallo, Telecom Italia
Célia Pestana, Municipal Director, Seixal Municipality
Célia Pestana, Seixal Municipality
Anthony Poncier, EMEA Social Business Director, MSLGROUP
Anthony Poncier, MSLGROUP
Emanuele Quintarelli, Digital Transformation Practice Leader, Ernst & Young
Emanuele Quintarelli, Ernst & Young
Olivier Reaud, Founder, in Principo
Olivier Reaud, in Principo
Stephan Schillerwein, Digital Workplace Advisor, Schillerwein Net Consulting
Stephan Schillerwein, Schillerwein Net Consulting
Harald Schirmer, Manager Corporate HR Development & Organizational Development , Continental AG
Harald Schirmer, Continental AG
Prof. Zwi Segal, President, Motiva
Prof. Zwi Segal, Motiva
Jean Semo, Co-Gérant Associé , Avea Partners
Jean Semo, Avea Partners
Euan Semple, Independent Advisor, euansemple.com
Euan Semple, euansemple.com
Rawn Shah, Connected Business Blogger, Forbes
Rawn Shah, Forbes
Robert Shaw, Global Program Director "Zero Email", Atos
Robert Shaw, Atos
Ana Silva, Digital Marketing & Social Media, Sonae Indústria
Ana Silva, Sonae Indústria
René Sternberg, Science worker (Sociology), University of Magdeburg
René Sternberg, University of Magdeburg
Dr. Hans Jürgen Sturm, Head of Competence Center Collaboration, Amadeus IT Group
Dr. Hans Jürgen Sturm, Amadeus IT Group
Luis Suarez, Social Computing evangelist, IBM Software group
Luis Suarez, IBM Software group
Claude Super, Social Business Consultant, E-20.CH
Claude Super, E-20.CH
Sebastian Thielke, Junior Consultant for Social Business and Enterprise 2.0, Eck Communication
Sebastian Thielke, Eck Communication
Jean-Jacques Thomas, Scientific & Innovation Director, SNCF
Jean-Jacques Thomas, SNCF
Stefania Todisco, Head of Online Community, UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions
Stefania Todisco, UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions
Ellen Trude, Consultant & Facilitator, Open Thinking
Ellen Trude, Open Thinking
Carine De Usatorre, Mission Marketing RH et Communication sociale, Électricité de France (EDF)
Carine De Usatorre, Électricité de France (EDF)
Jean-Luc Valente, Chief Executive Officer, blueKiwi Software
Jean-Luc Valente, blueKiwi Software
Anna van Wassenaer-Golla, Partner, Favela Fabric
Anna van Wassenaer-Golla, Favela Fabric
Frédéric Williquet, People Manager of HR Consultants for years, now partner at Jamstorming.com, developped a comprehensive and broad view on HR, fredericw.com, Jamstorming.com
Frédéric Williquet, fredericw.com, Jamstorming.com
Frank Wolf, Managing Consultant, T-Systems MMS
Frank Wolf, T-Systems MMS
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