Enterprise Digital SUMMIT London 2016

Confirmed Speaker

Leon Benjamin, Co-founder , Sei Mani
Leon Benjamin, Sei Mani
David D'Souza, Head of London, CIPD
David D'Souza, CIPD
Christopher L. Fussell, Managing Partner, McChrystal Group
Christopher L. Fussell, McChrystal Group
John Glover, Sales & Marketing Director, Kahootz
John Glover, Kahootz
Cerys Hearsey, Consultant, Postshift
Cerys Hearsey, Postshift
Richard Hughes, Director of Social Strategy, BroadVision
Richard Hughes, BroadVision
Jenni Lloyd, Senior Consultant, PurposeLab
Jenni Lloyd, PurposeLab
Stuart McRae, Executive Collaboration Evangelist, IBM
Stuart McRae, IBM
Jennifer Moss, Co-Founder, Author of Unlocking Happiness at Work, Plasticity Labs
Jennifer Moss, Plasticity Labs
Matthew Nowell, Executive Solution Consultant, IBM Smarter Workforce
Matthew Nowell, IBM Smarter Workforce
Janet Parkinson, Founder and CXO, Agile Elephant
Janet Parkinson, Agile Elephant
Alan Patrick, Founder and CXO, Agile Elephant
Alan Patrick, Agile Elephant
Robert Redl, Leiter Informationsverarbeitung, EVN Konzern
Robert Redl, EVN Konzern
Robin Riley, Digital Transformation Lead, UK Ministry of Defence
Robin Riley, UK Ministry of Defence
Trudi Schifter, Founder, TallyFox, AquaSPE
Trudi Schifter,  TallyFox, AquaSPE
Randy Silver, Senior Product Owner, Digital Workplace & Collaboration , Sainsbury's
Randy Silver, Sainsbury's
Hans-Jürgen Sturm, Head of Collaboration, Content & Portals , Amadeus IT Group
Hans-Jürgen Sturm, Amadeus IT Group
David Terrar, Founder & CXO, Agile Elephant
David Terrar,  Agile Elephant
Neil Usher, Workplace Director, Sky
Neil Usher, Sky
Elena Velazquez, Senior Manager Collaboration and Knowledge Management , Amadeus IT Group
Elena Velazquez, Amadeus IT Group
Dr. David Wilkinson, Editor-in-Chief, The Oxford Review
Dr. David Wilkinson, The Oxford Review

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