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Introduction Note

  • Simon Wardley Software Services Manager / Cloud Computing Strategist, Canonical Ltd.
    Simon Wardley, Canonical Ltd.
The purpose of the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT is to give an overview of the opportunities as well as the challenges of using Web 2.0 technologies with the Enterprise. This introduction will explain some of the forces that are leading executives to examine the new frontiers covered by the talks in this conference.

How Web 2.0 Technologies revolutionize the Enterprise.

  • Dion Hinchcliffe President & CTO, Hinchcliffe & Company
    Dion Hinchcliffe, Hinchcliffe & Company
Web 2.0 is a widely accepted Consumer Web phenomenon that is already causing an impact inside the Enterprise. Your co-workers are bringing these tools and techniques into your workplace. This keynote covers the opportunities that these new technologies bring as well as how they are changing the Enterprise.

Changing the direction of a Big Ship. Insights into how the BBC innovated.

  • Euan Semple Independent Advisor,
    Euan Semple,
"I wanted them to use it for whatever they felt made a difference and also wanted it to be a social space to foster the relationships that are so important in business." With this in mind Euan Semple introduced several social software tools like internal blogs and a social network to the Big Ship of BBC and contributed towards the innovation of the old BBC into one of the forerunners in the European social media business.

Practical Experience with Social Software in the Enterprise

  • Jeff Schick IBM Vice President Social Software, IBM
    Jeff Schick, IBM

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Collaborative Publishing advancing ISO 9000 Quality Management

  • Kenneth Lavrsen Electrical Engineer, Motorola A/S
The Copenhagen Motorola Tetra World Wide System Development (TWSD) center introduced a wiki solution in 2004 with the purpose of transforming their quality management system (QMS) from a static set of documents to a dynamic process development tool. The result was a major leap forward in the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. Projects are not only being developed faster, more efficiently and with higher quality but participants feel a greater ownership of the process. Quality Management is no longer a dead sheet of paper created by an ISO9000 expert sitting in a dark room, but a vibrant and advancing business process.

Skywiki - Making use of the corporate knowledge ressources

  • Wieland Stützel Senior Manager, Knowledge Management, Fraport AG
    Wieland Stützel, Fraport AG
By implementing an enterprise-wide wiki solution the Fraport AG targeted at making use of the vast knowledge ressources in the company. Since its introduction in 2007 more than 300 authors have already contributed more than 1000 articles. Wieland Stützel will give some insights to the background and the first key learnings of this project.

Paradigm Change: Enterprises as Social Networks

  • Dr. Willms Buhse Director Marketing, CoreMedia AG
     Dr. Willms Buhse, CoreMedia AG
A corporate culture of open dialog emerges, involving employees of the company, partners and customers, who offer and share their opinions, suggestions and critiques as part of a collaborative effort. How must leadership and corporate culture change, in order to survive in the new world of Enterprise 2.0? Which organizational improvements and changes can technology make, in order to encourage more creativity, flexibility and learning? And most important - what are the benefits for today's enterprises?

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From Corporate Blogging to Social Networking

  • Olivier Creiche VP & GM EMEA, Six Apart
    Olivier Creiche, Six Apart
The days of flat, one-sided corporate websites are over. The most competitive companies are now incorporating Web 2.0 applications to their communications arsenal, creating a dynamic online presence and capitalizing on their most important resource: people. Olivier Creiche, head of Six Apart Europe, discusses the evolution of business blogging and the real-life possibilities available to companies today.

Design for Network Effects: Architecting participation and leveraging the space between the tools.

  • Jenny Ambrozek Lead Consultant, SageNet LLC
    Jenny Ambrozek, SageNet LLC
In a technology enabled people networked world value is increasingly created through relationships and interactions. For the environment Jenny Ambrozek is discussing how to intersect technology and organizational models to gain additional value from network effects and mass collaboration.

Search for knowledge, through people networks!

  • Florian Riedl Senior Manager Global Web Platforms & Web Services, Vodafone Deutschland
    Florian Riedl, Vodafone Deutschland
Vodafone Vision - that is the name of the homebase for knowledge workers within the Vodafone Group. With an extended social networking approach toward the notion of a competence network the tool is the social connecting piece between the different information management systems and the user profile. Florian Riedl provides an overview about the characteristics and key learnings from this project.

Sul Campo - Community of Practice innovates Sales and Marketing

  • Diego Gianetti Senior Manager, Marketing & Sales Intelligence, BTicino S.p.a.
    Diego Gianetti, BTicino S.p.a.
"Sul Campo" represents community of practice for the sales force of BTicino, an Italian producer of communication, distribution and energy control systems. With this project the sales & marketing management wanted to harness the collective intelligence of the sales force to be more effective and more innovative.

Mass Collaboration brings Customer Service to a new level.

  • Cedric Blum Chef de projet Service Client, Société Française de Radiotéléphone Service Client
    Cedric Blum, Société Française de Radiotéléphone Service Client
With the help of a wiki the customer service of the French mobile carrier SFR is advancing the way it is solving customers problems and how it can get more from IT. As the result a collaborative "issues library" has been created that enriches not only in scope the knowledge that customer service agents can depend on but also the way they create and use it.

Joining the dots together: From Innovation to Commoditisation, from Web 2.0 to E.20

  • Simon Wardley Software Services Manager / Cloud Computing Strategist, Canonical Ltd.
    Simon Wardley, Canonical Ltd.
This final sessions looks at the main themes from today’s conference and suggests a common pattern behind all of these. It looks at some of the impacts of this pattern in the web 2.0 world and proposes some significant impacts for the future of business.

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