E2.0 SUMMIT 2013
Enabling the Social Enterprise (R)Evolution

As social technology has substantially entered the corporate world the question is not about “why” but “how” organizations should get involved. The variety of objectives and motivations for initiating these projects is large and not always strategic nor even well defined. The scope of the projects also varies from enhancing existing processes by better and more effective collaboration to game-changing approaches with the objectives to re-align the corporations with the changing customer demands or to augment the adaptability for the complex and dynamic environment.

But despite the differences in the scope and objectives for all projects in common a systematic approach to the project is a key to the success. With the key theme “Enabling the Social Enterprise (R)Evolution” Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT 2013 discusses this systematic approach and distinguishes the critical factors on how to enable the adoption and engagement, how to integrate the social layer with the enterprise IT, how to support the transformation and transition of the organization towards a new structure and how to design the future model of the organization and the management.

Key idea for conference theme 2013

The key idea for Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT 2013 is to discuss the challenges and the solutions in mastering the transition from the adoption of social practices towards the business transformation caused by social initiatives.

Conference Day 1

On the first conference day experts and practioneers are discussing the challenges and success factors for driving Enterprise 2.0 initiatives from adoption to transformation. >>>

Conference Day 2

The second conference day is about the key principles and challenges for designing the social enterprise. >>>

Speakers with distinguished expertise & practical insights

Keynotes of Dion Hinchcliffe (Dachis), Sandy Carter (IBM), Richard Collin (NextModernity), Jon Husband (Work Design Associates) and Euan Semple (euansemple.com) provide the visionary framework. >>>
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