Enterprise Digital Workplace SUMMIT

5-6 June 2018, London

European Conference on Digital Way of Working

Recommendations on the Digital Ways of Working & Collaboration

The key to success for the digital transformation of work and collaboration is the digital enablement of both the individual and the team.

The Enterprise Digital Workplace SUMMIT organizes an active sharing of knowledge and experiences on how to establish new forms of digital collaboration and working. We support corporate transformation initiatives with the discussion of enabling strategies - like adoption and adaptation approaches, working out loud, and mentorring strategies.

In this context the Digital Workplace is seen as an enabling platform for the needed changes on individual and team level.

Get your ticket for Enterprise Digital Workplace SUMMIT / June 2018 on 5-6 June at British Academy

Key Topics

  • Maximise opportunities from Digital Workplace & Employee Experience Technologies
  • Enabling factors for establishing digital working & collaboration routines
  • Building blocks for a digital culture, digital capabilities & digital governance
  • Key elements for an operational model for the digital age

Reasons to attend

  • Practice talks and lessons learned from case studies in the public and private sector
  • Forward thinking keynotes on future trends and evolutions
  • In-depth discussion, interactive workshops and exchange of experiences
  • Network with other professionals involved in the Digital Transformation of the Organization

Who should attend

  • Digital Workplace & Intranet Management
  • Employee Experience & Engagement
  • Internal Community & Communications
  • HR & Organizational Development
  • Information & Collaboration Management

Meet the speakers of the June event

Matt Bywater, EDF Energy
Matt Bywater, Digital Workplace Specialist, EDF Energy
Giulia Fares, Towergate Insurance
Giulia Fares, Group Digital Strategy & Development Manager, Towergate Insurance
Nina Sonne Nikolaisen, COWI
Nina Sonne Nikolaisen, Senior Project Manager and Quality Manager, COWI
Lou Taylor, Bureau van Dijk
Lou Taylor, Director of Knowledge Management, Bureau van Dijk

Topics at Enterprise Digital SUMMIT / June 2018

  • Conference Introduction
  • Organizational Principles for the Gig Mentality Age
  • Building Blocks of the Ecosystem for a better Employee Experience
  • Case study: Vision 2020 - Transforming how we work in the Bank of England
  • Case Study: Rolling out a Digital Workplace platform with core collaboration and productivity tools at EDF Energy
  • Case Study: Supporting field engineering work the digital way at COWI
  • Keynote: Developing a digital culture that makes your business better
  • Case Study: Our intranet journey - starting something new in changing times at Bureau van Dijk
  • Case Study: Supporting efficient collaboration at Charles Taylor
  • Case Study: Launching an Integrated Intranet Approach at Towergate Insurance
  • Townhall discussion: Key Success Factors for the Digital Transformation of the Workplace

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