Analytics & Improvement Strategies for the Digital Workplace

june 5 2018, London / September 27 2018, London

Every intranet, social network and even individual features within it has a lifecycle. Whether you’re driving adoption and value just after launch or getting the most out of a mature platform, there are always ways to improve your intranet. In this very practical workshop Chris Tubb and Steve Bynghall will take you through how you can use the concept of improvement cycles combined with the right measurement approach, to ensure your intranet meets its original strategic goals and continues to deliver successful outcomes.

The workshop includes a workbook, case studies, exercises and more. Ideal for intranet managers and team members who want to improve their intranet or wish to refresh their approach to measuring intranet success.

Key Learnings

  • Key Indicators for Measuring Digital Workplace Performance
  • Data Analytics for Identifying Digital Workplace Strengths & Weeknesses
  • Building Blocks for a Continuous Improvement Cycle
  • Recommendations for an Improvement Cycle Strategy

Moderator: Chris Tubb, Digital Workplace and Intranet Consultant, Spark Trajectory

Chris works with organisations to help them make informed choices about how their people work together digitally, especially when it comes to strategy, governance and measurement. Chris has worked with intranets for over twenty years, and was formerly responsible for intranet strategy and architecture at Orange/ France Telecom. Since 2010 he has consulted and benchmarked with dozens of large organisations all over the world. He is based in Brighton.

Moderator: Steve Bynghall, Intranet & Digital Workplace Consultant, Spark Trajectory

Steve Bynghall is a consultant and writer based in the UK. He focuses on intranets, collaboration, social business, KM and the digital workplace. He blogs at Two Hives and Intranet Directions.

Addressed Stakeholder

  • Digital Collaboration & Work Executives
  • Intranet / Social Intranet / Digital Workplace Manager
  • Digital Workplace Architect
  • Internal Communication
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