Driving the Digital Transformation of Work from within Enterprise Social Networks

June 5 2018, London / September 27 2018, London

As the understanding of the power of collaborative working environment (a.k.a. Enterprise Social Networks/Social Intranets/Digital Workplaces with Social Layer) gathers momentum it’s those who manage the processes, networks and building of communities who are often the true enablers of a more effective end to end return on investment.

The workshop provides an in-depth overview to potentials and challenges as well as lesson-learned and how-tos to create value out of business communities and to change the way of working. Using a strategic framework approach the workshop attendees will explore the opportunities to enhance their projects, learn from case studies and share experiences with others. Join the workshop to discover: What works? What doesn’t? What next?

Key Learnings

  • Understanding of tools, techniques and trends that drive transformation and disruption
  • Evaluation of diagnostic toolset to analyse and assess the value potential of the digital networking & collaboration for the own organisation
  • Application of diagnostic and strategic planning approaches in a real life case study
  • Understanding of success factors & key road blocks for the digital transformation of work

Moderator: Alan Patrick, The Agile Elephant

Alan Patrick has been involved with enterprise grade systems and networks for several decades, and has worked for and with a wide range of industries, in many countries. He has held board and senior management roles in a number of major technology corporates and high technology startups, as well as consulting for McKinsey and Deloitte’s/PWC. He has also been an interim MD/CEO a number of times, to turn around and transform high tech businesses. For the last 10 or so years he has been increasingly been working with Social technologies, and recent experience in using them in areas like customer service, internal operational efficiancy and lean operations convinced him that it was time to form a specialist business to address the area - and so co-founded The Agile Elephant

Workshop Agenda: Driving Digital Transformation in the Enterprise

09.30 Tea, coffee and networking
10.00 Understanding the Impact of Collaborative Working Environment (a.k.a. Enterprise Social Networks, Social Intranet, Digital Workplace)
  • Models & Frameworks of Understanding Collaborative Technologies
  • Interdependencies of Technology, Corporate Behavior & Organisational Design
  • Strategic Consequences & Implications
11.00 Introduction to Agile Elephants 7E approach to managing Enterprise Social Networks: Envision, Enable, Engage, Execute, Evaluate, Evolve and Educate
11.30 Tea, coffee and networking
11.50 Managing the Flow – Tools, Techniques, Analytics and Beyond
  • Strategic Approaches to Managing of Transformational Change
  • Measurement Parameters & Key Indicators for the Evaluation of the Change Progress
12.30 Review of Case Studies and Lessons Learned: What works? What doesn’t? What next?
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Recommendations for Being Your Own Consultant
  • Begin, Improve or Expand your ESN/Social Intranet/Digital Workplace
  • Diagnosing the Organisational Requirements & Maturity Level
  • Finding the High Impact Opportunities
  • Engagement – Making it Human
15.00 Building a business case and Defining the ROI
15.30 Tea, coffee and cakes
16.00 Split into teams to work on a Diagnostic Case Study and Present
17.00 Networking and drinks

Addressed Stakeholder

  • Digital Officer
  • Digital Transformation Executives
  • Digital Collaboration & Work Executives
  • Organizational Development
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